Live Webinar: The SWEET approval of CGM in pregnancy


Live Webinar: The SWEET approval of CGM in pregnancy

Live Webinar: The SWEET approval of CGM in pregnancy

World Diabetes Day is approaching and as Theras we decided to organize, through T-Care, a Webinar to talk about a delicate and very important issue, namely the importance of CGM during pregnancy.


Isabella Alessandrini, Theras Medical & Scientific Advisor, who will moderate the meeting.

Prominent guests will participate in this important occasion, such as:

  • Dr. Lars Krinelke, Medical Director EMEA - Dexcom
  • Prof. Angela Napoli, Sapienza University - Rome
  • Prof. Ester Vitacolonna, University of G. D'Annunzio Chieti Pescara
  • Dr. Elisabetta Torlone, Perugia Hospital
  • Prof. Laura Sciacca, University of Catania


To register for the webinar you need to register on our T-Care portal at the link:

If you are already registered, go directly to the T-Care site here.

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