T-Rex, a new friend for young people with diabetes


T-Rex, a new friend for young people with diabetes

T-Rex, a new friend for young people with diabetes

Do you remember a week ago that egg that came out of nowhere on the occasion of World Education Day?

We have finally solved the mystery and we would like to introduce you to T-Rex, a new member of the Academy of Theras.

T-Rex asked us to introduce himself to all of you.

"Hello to all!

My siblings and I are here to help children with diabetes with their day-to-day care, and you will soon see us everywhere across Italy!

How can my siblings and I help the little ones? It's easy!

Do you see those spots on our body? Yes, those little spots we have a little everywhere; as you may have probably noticed, they are there to help everyone understand which are the best sites to place the pump, the monitoring system or to do the injection.

My brothers and I want to be even closer to you!

In fact, we will see you at the courses we organize with T-Care every week!

We will soon organize specific courses for parents and children, also because I am a true expert on these things!

I salute you for now, but I hope to know you all!

My siblings and I are nice and reassuring and want to be your favorite playmates, but we are also manufactured to international standards to be safe.

Your T Rex "

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