The most beautiful emotions must be lived without interruptions


The most beautiful emotions must be lived without interruptions

The first and new Theras campaign on TV, radio, print and digital media

“The most beautiful emotions must be lived without interruptions".

Theras tells how and how much technology improves the quality of life for people with chronic diseases.

Theras emotional campaign to convey their brand values is on-air. Theras is the Italian leader in the research and distribution of devices for the management of diabetes and chronic pain.

The company wanted to convey its values through the emotions of people who, thanks to medical technology, can live their lives to the full. To reach as many people as possible, Theras turned to a reliable partner like Mediaset to design a campaign that will accompany us throughout the summer on the various platforms.


Milan, 21 June 2021 - An emotional campaign to talk and get people talking about simple technology at the health service of people with diabetes and other chronic diseases. Theras  will enter Italian homes to show how to live every emotion intensely and peacefully without interruptions.

Thanks to technological evolution, the numerous obstacles related to the management of chronic diseases like diabetes can be overcome. With this campaign, Theras decided to put human relationships at the center so that people can live a full life with the support of medical technology.

A dedicated information page has been created for this purpose .



Both the promotional video and the commercial offer fragments of everyday stories, showing the emotions of a mother who is not afraid of watching her son diving, the liveliness of carefree runners, the enthusiasm of the grandfather who fixes everything, the hugging of a young couple, the understanding smile of the family and the meeting with their doctor.

"In recent years the technology has allowed many people to deal with their disease more easily - says Carlo PISANI, Theras Commercial Director - but technology alone is not enough, you must create a service network supporting both staff healthcare practitioners and patients, and this is what we have done in recent years with products and solutions to facilitate access and use of technologies. The aim of this campaign is to underline our commitment to support both the medical profession and the patients".



The campaign includes TV commercials on Mediaset networks, as well as the radio, digital and print media. The creative choice for the 60" promotional video and the 15" commercial was then applied to all on-air communication from 20 June until mid-August.

“Our company has in its DNA the desire to focus on the patient's needs by providing sustainable solutions. This is why we are focused on the present with the currently available solutions, but we constantly look at the future to supply patients with diabetes or other chronic diseases with the best technology - ensures Cristiano FERRARI, Managing Director of Theras - We have chosen to invest in communication to simultaneously reach the largest and most diversified target as possible. We want to convey the core values we are proud of and also reach everyone with a message of confidence and serenity.'



The company was incorporated in Salsomaggiore Terme (Parma) only seven years ago. Theras Lifetech closed 2020 with a turnover of almost 84 million euro with a 40% increase over the previous year.

The staff is made up of about 100 people including employees and external collaborators. Half of them aree engaged throughout the country to provide technical support to health facilities, doctors and patients, with an assistance service active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Theras Lifetech boasts commercial partnerships with sector-leading American companies. These are Dexcom and Insulet (which Forbes ranks second and fourth among innovative companies with the best growth) and Nevro, an American company that has patented an exclusive therapy for the treatment of chronic pain.

Theras boasts important awards in Italy and abroad.

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