Theras as best small business in terms of performance and sales growth in Parma


Theras as best small business in terms of performance and sales growth in Parma

Theras as best small business in terms of performance and sales growth in Parma

The Industria Felix Award was awarded to the 43 best companies in Emilia Romagna.

The winning avant-garde technology applied to latest generation devices for better management of diabetes and chronic pain.

The leading company in the research and marketing of technologies for the monitoring and treatment of diabetes and the management of chronic pain is based in Salsomaggiore. This example of Italian excellence received the award as the best small business in terms of performance and sales growth in the Parma province.


Bologna, 13 April 2019 – Selected among the companies based in Emilia Romagna with growing sales, gross operating margin and number of employees, the young company based in Salsomaggiore set up only 8 years ago stands out as an Italian best-in-class for business and financial performance in 2017 and as the best small business in the province of Parma.


Its name is Theras Group, a leader in research and marketing of cutting-edge technologies for the continuous treatment and monitoring of diabetes (80% of the business) and for the management of chronic pain (20%).

Theras means Therapy and Assistance , this is our mission, this is our goal. When I think of our technology, of the great innovative efforts carried out in recent years, I think above all of the objective benefits for patients as well as limiting the numerous constraints caused by  the two chronic diseases we treat - explains Cristiano Ferrari, President of Theras Group who received the Award - Our technology is safe (sustainable) and easily manageable, because thanks to the use of cutting-edge technological devices, it allows our patients with diabetes to "forget" about measurements and shots  and for those suffering from chronic pain it helps them best manage it. All this ensures a better quality of life and an economic saving which, if extended, could have a positive impact on the budget of the National Health Service”.


The reasons for the Award

Theras Group was chosen among the leading best-performing Italian companies by the Scientific Committee of Industria Felix based on the financial results of 2017. The Committee which met at the LUISS Guido Carli University decided to attribute the Felix Industry Award to Theras as "Best small business in the province of Parma "


+ 115% Growth

Theras Group closed 2017 with a turnover of over 15 million euros and closed that of 2018 with a turnover of over 32.3 million with a 115% growth on the previous year. The reports of the brilliant performance of the group also explains how the National Health Service could save one third of its spending for treating the disease. Theras Group is working at this as leader of the technical task force on diabetes in the European Parliament.

The staff

The staff consists of more than 70 people including employees and external collaborators. As an example, there are currently 52 product specialists able to provide 24/7 technical support to facilities, doctors and patients.





The companies signed its main commercial partnership agreements with American companies that are leaders in their sector. These are Dexcom and Insulet (which Forbes ranks second and fourth among innovative companies with the highest growth) and Nevro, an American company that has patented an exclusive therapy for the treatment of chronic pain. Theras Group also collaborates with 106 hospitals and specialist clinics throughout Italy.



At this moment the Theras Group is involved in 8 ongoing research projects. The company invests part of its turnover every year in Research and Development and in Basic Science Research. In addition to the recent launch of the device for continuous glucose monitoring (DexcomG6), the biotechnological project destined to revolutionize the treatment of post-operative pain called NanoNoPain has reached its final phase. The use of nanotechnologies will help eliminate most of the pain caused by surgery. The project is based on a collaboration with the CNR and the University of Parma, and is funded by the Emilia Romagna Region.


The advantages of cutting-edge technologies

Diabetes_ infuser

The Omnipod System is a smart patch for therapeutic management. It is an insulin pump the size of a "micro-mouse" (a Pod, in fact) that provides continuous insulin delivery at all times. Users can swim, play sports, take a shower (waterproof up to 7.6 meters) and enjoy their social life from a very young age, feeling safe because monitoring and treatment are handled safely.             

Diabetes Continuous blood glucose monitoring (CGM)

The high precision device called DexcomG6 is a true game changer in the management of diabetes. It has been approved for making therapeutic decisions without the need for calibration, because thanks to Dexcom's high standards of Research and Development, this monitoring system has reached “nature's perfection” in terms of accuracy. Simple like no other CGM (it is equipped with an automatic inserter), with customizable alarms, predictive warning of hypoglycemia and a remote sharing option. It allows preventive and corrective interventions to maintain or bring blood sugar back to a physiological range, averting the risk of complications, even the most dangerous ones.


Both systems (DexcomG6 and Omnipod) are small and have no external tubes. They can be worn under any type of clothing and insulin delivery is invisible and automatic.

Chronic pain

With neurostimulation treatments the Group is up-to-date with the new frontiers of chronic pain treatment.

The first is called Nevro Senza (the only high frequency stimulator) and is the new generation treatment for spinal cord stimulation that Theras Group distributes in Italy. It offers a wide range of benefits, demonstrated by significant pain relief especially in the back and legs. The long-term superiority of high frequency stimulation therapy (compared to traditional SCS, Spinal Cord Stimulation) was demonstrated in a major study.

Nextim, the second device is a percutaneous neurostimulation system designed by Theras Research. It features balanced waves at alternating frequencies to regulate the intensity of electrical stimulation, confirming analgesic efficacy levels.


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