T.way: the ideal port for diabetes management

T.way was designed to enable people with diabetes to take care of themselves, thus living their daily life with confidence and trust.


The medical device for the subcutaneous administration of insulin diminishing the frequency and inconvenience of injections, while ensuring comfort and freedom thanks to its design.


Multi-use device for the automatic, simple and painless application of T.way.

Comfort and freedom
for your children

T.way offers several advantages for children and parents:

Minimum age 1 year.

Compatible with the different sizes of insulin pens and syringes for easy delivery.

It can be used up to a maximum of 72 hours, for long-lasting comfort.

Find out T.way functions

Precise, discreet and flexible

Don’t give up your freedom; T.way allows you to reduce the number of insulin injections, while increasing administration precision. Find out all its advantages in your daily life.

For healthcare professionals and all the patients that rely on our technologies.

Access the T.care portal, always available to you

T.way is a CE0051-certified medical device. T.bridge is a certified medical device.
Please, read the directions or instructions for use carefully

  1. Reference to the comparison with in-silico data about the minimum insulin dose necessary to promote a change, as defined in the clinically relevant trial, in blood glucose concentration [Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology 2018, Vol. 12(2) 376–380].