Research & Development

An Open-innovation strategy

Driven by the desire for continuous technological progress and by the awareness that, in the modern age, innovation can be achieved through more open and dynamic models, we believe that creating a strong and variegated open innovation model is crucial to ensure effective and efficient development of products of high technology level.

This is why, thanks to close cooperation with several carefully selected partners, we carry out many projects aimed at improving and making the therapy options we provide to patients and at making them more accessible.

Within this model, projects may stem both from internal ideas through our widespread domestic network, which is always able to catch unmet medical needs, and from an intense and constant external innovation activity. The latter is powered by constantly scouting for external opportunities, which we seize both through cooperation with national and international advisors and through consortia, associations, innovation parks and enterprise accelerators.

At the source of innovative ideas

The main advantages of this innovation model, which looks beyond our company's borders and maximizes opportunities for growth, are being constantly open to new ideas and technology trends, as well as access to talents and experiences that are specific for that project.

Projects are selected based on market opportunities and on their affordability and they are carried out with partners identified with the methods deemed the most suitable ones for the specific case (e.g. pure outsourcing, licensing, funding and corporate venturing, mergers&acquisition, joint ventures, co-development, open source, etc.).

Our project pipeline

We develop all our R&D projects methodically and carefully to ensure that the outcomes are up to our standards. Every year we invest more than 10% of our global revenue in R&D with the approach described above. Our R&D projects are managed in accordance with a step-by-step process, which can be effectively represented by a pipeline that we constantly keep well balanced.

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